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- 11 European countries: Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, French Overseas Territory Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Austria and Ireland

Indicative delivery time of 5 to 7 working days

- 7 major economic centers: USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, China,

South Korea and Singapore

Indicative delivery time of 5 to 7 working days

-France: Indicative delivery time of 1 to 2 working days

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About us: CGMX-Designs

We're based in France, in Angers, and we sell graphics kits since 2011.

Still in the field of off road, motocross, quad, enduro and supermoto.

We offer high quality graphics, they were tested to the breaking point and beyond. The materials used are better than 3M, more expensive for us, but with better durability and shine. Tested with a pressure washer 5000 psi! Our customers are very satisfied, and you too if you work with us!

We offer full custom design and manufacture service and can customise all requirements.

Please contact us for any questions.